Address: Tochigi Prefecture
Age: 69 years old woman

I was diagnosed about seven years ago from the ophthalmologist about possibly having a cataract.

I was prescribed an eye drops medicine; however, my eye became itchier and very painful for a period of time with redness and I got no benefit from this medicine.
This is because I have an allergy to numerous medicines.

In a medical diagnosis 4 years ago the cataract was clearly seen and confirmed and I was told to go to the hospital if I felt any inconvenience or pain.
I did not go to the hospital and soon there was a presbyopia and I started thinking that I was getting old and there was nothing I could do I tried applying a boric acid eyewash but this did nothing too.

Then I heard about H4O and learned about free radicals and thought about washing my eye with H4O, which I started doing in the morning and evening as well as drinking the H4O.
Two and a half months later I went for my regular checkup and surprisingly I was diagnosed without having a cataract. Of course I was very surprised about this. As I completely recovered from the cataract I noticed I could see everything clearly and brighter.

I also noticed that while using H4O I did not have as many tears and most importantly the side effects from drugs was not noticed anymore. I used to get swelling on my eyes when using the prescribed eye drops. There were other medicines that I had difficulty taking for other medical problems because of the allergies but now these allergies have diminished.

I believe that taking H4O for washing one’s eyes and drinking would be great for someone with cataracts and a drug allergy.

Address: Fukushima Prefecture
Age: 55 years old man

 I like to drink sake and I have many chances to drink with business colleagues, but 2 years ago I had a problem with my liver and pancreas.

I was trying to be aware of my yearly health checkup by the doctor. I had high GTP levels and I wasn’t in a healthy condition. I didn’t feel good about it.
I then started drinking H4O and continued to drink alcohol without hesitation.
The last time I had a checkup the doctor told me that the GTP levels had surprisingly decreased.
My urine became more frequent and with increased volume.

My physical condition as a result became much better due to H4O.

Address: Tokyo
Age: 48 years old man

Every weekend I go golfing but I get so tired that I didn’t like going to work on Monday.
I learned that playing golf makes more free radicals and my friend recommended me to drink H4O. After playing golf the tiredness and fatigue felt different and the next day I felt a different feeling too.
Similar to the hangover tiredness which went away I started drinking before and after the golf round and the tiredness went away with an increase in energy.

Address: Osaka Prefecture
Age: 63 years old man

Three years ago I was diagnosed with HBV and hospitalized for 3 months. I took antibiotics and the HBV became stabilized, but now I was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, which is pre-diabetic condition.

From this February when I am hungry I drink H4O once a day and I regularly do blood testing.. Before drinking H4O my blood sugar was 147, which is pretty high, but after a month my blood sugar went down to 128 and I haven’t done anything but drink H4O. I was very surprised with this finding.

Two months later my blood sugar went down to 117 and I didn’t tell the doctor that I was drinking H4O. The doctor was pretty impressed that this decrease in fasting blood glucose happened within a short period of time.

I am very thankful that I discovered H4O and I wish that will become a medicine soon.

Address: Tokyo
Age: 29 years old woman

I have atopic dermatitis which makes my skin red and very itchy.

I drank H4O for one week, 3 times a day. I also poured one pack of H4O on my skin. The redness went away and the skin became smooth and beautiful. I did not believe that for just one week it could be improved this much. I am very happy.

Address: Osaka
Business: Authority on drawing animal cartoons and teacher at Osaka University of Arts.

His box office hit was “Child taking Wolf”. Last year from July I began drinking H4O. I feel that my body condition is very well now. I have been suffering from diabetes for 20 years and recently glycosuria.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with retina syndrome which caused me to have diminished vision. The doctor recommended laser treatment; however, I used leftover H4O from the pak and dropped it into my eyes to see what would happen for one year.

I didn’t have to do the surgery anymore. I was very surprised since I didn’t do anything but use H4O eye drops. Curious about this incident I just opened the H4O pak and measured the ORP and it read -620mV. Looking at this number I could tell that this water is different from other waters which were a positive ORP. This was factual so I could trust it.

Address: Yokohama, Japan
Age: 60 year old man

I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on December 2007 (10 months ago).
My prospects for recovery were slim as my doctor told me that only 5% of patients with pancreatic patients survive 5 years. I took an innovative tumor injection therapy where they take a piece of my tumor and process it then reinject it back into my body.
It is kind of like an immune therapy. The results from this were remarkable and my tumor level markers have decreased. My overall bodily condition has improved but there was still a problem with the normal chemotherapy regimen that I was put on. I was feeling nauseous and could not eat my food.

At this time I decided to try drinking as much hydrogen water as possible every day (3-4 per day) and continue to do so. I do not feel nauseous and my energy levels are higher and most surprisingly I can eat more food and keep it down in my stomach!

My progress in fighting this disease is improving and I do not know whether hydrogen water is helping to fight this disease but at least I know that it makes the chemotherapy considerably easier to handle. I wish that all patients who experience the dread of chemo will try H4O and see how it can possibly change their quality of life.

Address: Yokohama, Japan
Age: 54 years old woman

I was diagnosed with a high total cholesterol and low HDL levels 2 years ago. My doctor advised me to take Lipitor if I wanted to control this problem or to at least stop smoking cigarettes and exercise more. Well I couldn’t stop smoking cigarettes so I thought my condition would have worsened.

Two years ago my total cholesterol was 241 and the HDL was 30 with an LDL of about 210. My triglyceride levels were also high but not too bad.

Three years ago my total cholesterol was 200 so I knew that things were getting worse. Luckily I started drinking H4O 1 year ago and I just got my test results that were shocking. My total cholesterol dropped to 175 and HDL was 35 with an LDL of 140.

I am a skinny person but the doctor told me I have a genetic disposition to higher cholesterol.

I was drinking on average 3 packs a day but now I am taking 1 to 2 packs as well as starting to exercise since there is a ray of hope that I may get even better.
I still need to raise my HDL higher so I think the only way is to exercise since the H4O mainly helped in lowering my LDL I believe.

Address: Tokyo, Japan
Age: 40 year old man

I was told by a friend that one cannot get a hangover if they drink H4O and I could not believe this at all. So what I do on numerous occasions is carry H4O with me when I go out to party.
I drink it before the night begins, before I go to sleep and once upon waking.
I have tried to get wasted as a test by drinking many kinds of liquors (whiskey, sake, margaritas, beer, wine, gin, vodka) and seeing what happens since every time I did a mix like this I got a bad hangover 100% of the time. This time I did have a slight hangover feeling in the morning but it was different and not as bad. The slight headache I had was quickly relieved after drinking the H4O and all I was left with was just a lack of energy mainly from not getting enough sleep.

I sometimes drink another H4O during my drinking period just to make sure I will be fine. I also noticed that it takes me longer to get drunk but I don’t like getting drunk or feeling hangovers so I do not need to test this out any more. I am a true believer now in hydrogen power.